We are the Chakrayan Chums, 4 students at Yale-NUS College, who are cycling for 10 weeks from Singapore to Hanoi.

We are conducting an ethnographic investigation into the status of the Bicycle in Southeast Asia.
Here are some examples of questions we will be asking:

– Is the bicycle an archaic or an emergent technology? What place does it occupy within a modernising world?

– What does the bicycle facilitate? What communities and energies surround the bicycle?

– What status do our bicycles have as compared to those we encounter?

– How does one’s access to spaces and places change if travelling by bicycle as compared to other forms of transport?

– Is the bicycle being replaced? Is it still justified as the quintessential image of Southeast Asia?

We hope to answer these abstract and complex questions by observation, and by taking photos.
We plan to take portrait photos of the people we encounter and their bicycles along our journey. These photos will act as the answers to some of our questions.

Feel free to follow our journey and view our photos here!


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