What We Ride

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Gio  (by Anshuman)


Gio loves plants. Each plant she carries is a poor substitute for Abandonment, Anshuman’s original travelling companion who was unable to make it on account of plant-napping.


Item he most regrets bringing: 3 of his 4 wallets



Martha (by Daniel)


Creaky Old Martha has become well known for her Blue Tape, which Daniel lovingly uses to hold her together.


Item he most regrets bringing: Multivitamins



True-dy (by Kei)


True-dy is best known for her easy-access sunblock and the ukulele that always hangs precariously off her side.


Item she most regrets bringing: More than one shirt



Yet-Tu B. Naimd (by Marcus)


Yet-Tu B. Naimd is usually sporting the latest collection of Marcus’ Half-Dried Laundry.


Item he most regrets brining: Spare Tubes (“that I will never need… go Schwalbe”)

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